You are seeking wholeness. The balance of feminine and masculine energies

As we begin anew, and as we move into the next decade, it is time to evaluate our life.

Every person has both feminine and male energies, which are constantly in motion.

These energies of men are marked by the linearity and focus on goals. See YourHighestTruth for get more info.

Female energies expand your mind and are circular.

Instead of seeing the energies as gendered, we can see that these are the ways the Divine has taken the consciousness. The way consciousness lives is in constant contractions and expansions. It is true that we feel this pulsation directly. Whether or not we realize it, the pulsation of life is taking place in every one of our individual cells.

Once you have stopped labelling these energies as well as letting go of the cultural biases that come with them, they become pure energy. This allows you to work and think at the level of spirituality.

In order to reflect, you can write down and think about your personal experiences with these main energies. What’s your tendency in managing work and family life, as well as relating with other people? The proportion of each energy changes depending on context. But if we start to see and understand them, there are distinct patterns.

Balance your energies once you’ve discovered and explored the patterns you use to lead your life.

There will always be something you prefer to do in life. Everyone is an animal of habit. Is this habit serving your vision? In this case (this is a self-reflective piece), you will need to cultivate your suppressed, undeveloped energy in order integrate yourself. By integrating your mind when, for instance, you discover that you value your feelings more than rationality when making a decision you will be able to integrate your self. Then, you are asked to integrate the energies of your body into a divinely-synchronized pulsation.

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