Modern Commercial Kitchens and Restaurant Equipment

Good chefs are able to cook the fish correctly and make a tasty sauce. For a long time, young chefs in many restaurants are trained on either one of the two until they have it down pat. The search for a great sous-chef is not easy. Neither is finding Rotaryana Prima Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Equipment Jakarta who is able to cook the seafood with the exact texture the client wants.

Two types of chefs are found on yachts that sail the ocean. The chef that barely knows how to open a can and the one who is able to prepare a delicious fresh seafood dish and sauce on his gas gravity-controlled hob in a 6 mph sea.

An annual competition in the Royal Navy was once held to find the ship with the most talented chefs. A sea Captain who had sailed around the world for nearly 30 years was the judge in one of those competitions. The ship that won was a minesweeper, with only one cook. A large aircraft carrier’s twenty disgruntled chefs wanted to find out why they had failed to win the prize for their perfectly prepared baron beef.

Old Captain said that even though they were using the best equipment available in commercial kitchens and had produced the best-presented meal, it was a mistake to remove the beef from the large steel oven. He also told them not to pour the juices out!

Modern ships are equipped with the latest, best equipment for cooking. This is true whether it’s a cruise ship or a warship. It is essential for professional crews, who are often topside during bad weather conditions. They need to be able to come below decks and eat hot food.

Specialist companies are responsible for designing the kitchen equipment used on large cruise ships. These firms have to account for everything, including huge volumes of fast food served at 24 hour restaurants and ship roll in high seas.

In the latest largest cruise liner, which was recently launched, there are six and half thousand passengers on board and over three and half thousand crews and entertainers. Nine different restaurants have the most modern commercial kitchens.