Why Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Works

I have discovered that the way we digest food is a big factor in aging. It makes sense from a Western perspective. Food and water provide us with most of the nutrients we need eyelid surgery cosmetic. These nutrients give our tissues the energy needed to stay moist and supple. In the case of sluggish or poor digestion, the nutrients that are needed to maintain healthy organs and tissues will not reach our facial tissues.

Stomach is the most important channel in the Chinese Meridian system. The stomach channel is responsible for supplying energy to the nose, eyes and mouth. In cases of poor digestion, the stomach channel can be completely blocked or even empty at certain points. If the digestion is poor, the channel may be blocked in some places and empty in others. Women are interested in natural ways to combat aging, which is why acupuncture facials have become a popular treatment at my park-slope acupuncture office. Facial rejuvenation is a wonderful treatment because you can also receive a rejuvenating acupuncture session along with your facial. The treatment is focused on the stomach channel, making sure that it moves and flows with balance and ease. You’ll notice that your body is better able to turn food into fuel.

After the seventh treatment, most women have noticed significant improvements. Women report an increase of elasticity, improved tone and texture, a youthful appearance, and a reduction in wrinkles and stress lines. Acupuncture offers a safe, natural solution to the problem. This is a wonderful way to take care of your digestion and to pamper yourself. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is an effective way to combat the signs of ageing while improving your health as a person.